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If there is one thing I know is amazing, it is the Las Vegas nitelife. When I was in Florida working with the Miami escorts, the nightlife is great but nothing compared to Las Vegas. There is just so much excitement in the air. I want to be there with you when you breathe it all in for the first time. I want to be alongside you, holding your hand, resting my head against your shoulder and wrapping my arms around your big, muscular biceps. Oh, that turns me on so. I want to whisper into your ears just how turned on I am. I want to be the best of the best Las Vegas escort girls you've ever had. So, forget the strip clubs and the Las Vegas brothels. Let's just spend an evening together and forget our troubles.

There probably aren't many people, of whatever age, who haven't heard the old Simon and Garfunkle song, The Sound of Silence. It's a great song to be sure. The trouble is that although there are great times for silence, it usually means that you're alone, and if you're headed for Las Vegas, that's a terrible place to be alone, in any way, shape or form. The good news in this is that this is a very easy fix for us. We arrange more couples massage Las Vegas than anyone else.

It is very important not to confuse a call girl in Las Vegas with strippers in Las Vegas. While some call girls are strippers and do perform stripteases and private shows in a hotel room, not every stripper in Las Vegas is a call girl. The escorts to your room can provide that next level of service and entertainment that strippers simply are not able to perform. Really, escorts and call girls are the upgraded version of a stripper. So, sure, someone can have fun with a stripper at one of the local strip clubs, but if someone really wants the best of the best, they need to check out the Las Vegas call girls for the real excitement and action.

We understand that all men have different tastes, which is why we hire girls from all walks of the earth as well as all shapes and sizes. Some of our girls come from the east coast and have worked the gorgeous New York escorts and some even from the UK. There are gorgeous women with large breasts if that is your thing and there are also some beauties who have smaller breasts as well. If big butts are your thing, you will find a girl that meets those needs as well. Small butts, big butts, and everything in between, there are escorts here that will fulfill every fantasy that you have ever had.

For anyone interested in hiring our Las Vegas Strippers, do not hesitate. Instead, take this opportunity of bringing out the best party for you and your circle of friends. Our girls are the best in Sin City. Some have even come from the New York strippers and east coast girls know how to party. Never look around for strippers; we have them for ANY special event. Be entertained and mesmerized by our fascinating ladies. You wont regret it!

You are here because you are looking for the best escort for you in Las Vegas. I’m here because I want to offer the ultimate escort service to you. My name is Deseree and I’m a Las Vegas escort. I do not want to blow my own trumpet, but I’m one of the crème de la crème of Las Vegas escort. I do not believe it is bragging if it is true. As you can tell from my photos, I’m blessed with the most amazing ass, gorgeous boobs and a curvy figure. I have dimples and love to smile. I love life and love to laugh. I love to have fun in all its various forms and shapes. That is why it is easy for me to have fun with you. To make sure I look good for you, I work out and also go to yoga classes. As a result, I am both fit and flexible. I do not tire easily and can put you through your paces. I am a good masseuse and like to give sensuous massages which relax and rejuvenate you. I learned my massage skills when I was visiting Miami, Florida. The escorts in Miami really know what they're doing when it come to massage. 

I’m all about value for money. I’m not just an escort. I’m also a stripper. I am a stripper at Hustler where you can come and have a lap-dance from me. If you choose my service, you are getting a combo package. You will enjoy my stripper qualities as well as my escort prowess. I’m not a shy one and with my naughty nature and adventurous spirit, there is nothing too big or too small I can’t do for you. I have a dirty mind which likes to think up of different ways to have lots of fun. If you have one too, we can come up with crazy ways to have our fun. That is what Las Vegas is all about. There is no playing it safe in Las Vegas. You go all out. That is what I will do for you. One difference between me and other escorts is that I’m not fixated with doing it for you. I also want to do it with you. That is the best way to do it because it is mutual. That is how memories are created. When I escort you, everything we do together is unique to you and I. Doubt it? Then let me escort you a second time and you will clearly tell that even the second time will be different from the first. That is the real definition of adventurous. In all instances, fun is the common denominator. Routine sucks.

One thing about me is that I like activities which involve me wearing as few clothes as possible. I have a gorgeous body and love to flaunt it. That is why I love pool parties such as Moorea Beach Club Pool Party and the Bare Pool Party. The ambiance is awesome and the crowd is always cool. If you want to have a great time during the day, I recommend those places. But as usual, it is the company you keep that will determine whether you have fun or not. With me, there is no question about it. You will enjoy yourself and have the time of your life. Besides pool parties, nightclubs in Las Vegas are out of this world. World class entertainers and DJ are found in clubs such as Foundation Room, where we can go to party. The only caveat to this club is that it is members only. It is one of the few member’s only clubs but you get the fun of a lifetime there. No need to worry. I know how we can get there. If you want and value privacy and exclusivity, there is no better place.

I’m one of the few escorts who entertain at both bachelor and bachelorette parties. I have been approached by many ladies to teach them how to pole dance and strip tease. Although I can do these at private parties in people’s homes, I prefer to do it at bachelorette parties. For the bachelor parties, after the party is done and everyone has gone to bed, I can come by later and have some one on one time with you. I will show you the best of sin city and why it is known as that before you get hitched. Everything is on the table from watching me play with myself to watching two escorts play with each other. If you want it, I will see to it to that you have it.

As an all-around escort, you will enjoy my company wherever. I can accompany you to exclusive parties, corporate functions, social ones, to watch a game, to a club and we can also just stay at home and have fun. If I was asked to choose, I would choose staying indoors and entertaining you. It is always fun to see you enjoying yourself. Fulfilling your fantasies and enabling you try and enjoy the things you've hitherto been wanting to enjoy is the best part of being with you. Lots of people hire Las Vegas escorts so that they can enjoy the things they cannot or have not been able to enjoy at home. When you are with me, there is no judgment and there is no nagging. You get to be treated like the king you are. You are appreciated and what matters is that you are enjoying yourself.

Don't forget you can also find me in Florida with the escorts in Fort Lauderdale from time to time. I love the beaches! But I love Las Vegas more so I always come home. There are many Las Vegas escorts. You will be bombarded with information about strippers and escorts from flyers, taxi drivers and many other places. But if you want the very best Las Vegas has to offer, you need to know where to look. It is in knowing where to look that you will get the best and in so doing, get value for your money. Lucky for you, you are already there. All you need to do is contact me and you will be glad you did. A great time in sin city awaits you. It is only a phone call away. Reach me at 702 997-3862.